The Organizational Structure and Componence of the Editorial Staff

The Organizational Structure and Componence of the Editorial Staff of UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal

 2.1 The organizational structure which assures the run of UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal consists of: the editorial Council, consisting of:

* Editorial Committee;

 * International Scientific Committee.

– The editorial Council President;

– Editorial Director;

– Editor in chief;

– Sub-Editors in chief;

– Editorial staff.


2.1.1. Editorial Council

Ensures the scientific coordination of the Journal and consists of teaching staff members or researchers from both Romania and abroad, who carry out their activity in the fields of interest for the publication and have great scientific and professional merit in the respective field, based on their written statement.


The editorial council consists of an Editorial Committee and an International Scientific Committee.

  1. Editorial Council has the task of developing the editorial policy of the Journal.
  2. International Scientific Committee ensures the review of the received articles for publication. The scientific committee is formed of well-known figures in the field, from Romania and abroad.


  • Editor in chief

The executive administration of the Journal is ensured by the Editor in chief along with the sub-editors in chief. The editor in chief and the sub-editors in chief are selected by the Editorial Director.


  • Sub-editors in chief

The sub-editors in chief are authorized by the Editorial Staff, based on the present Regulation, to assume all the duties of the Editor in chief connected to the current run of the publication ( pass for press, contact with UNATC Press Publishing House, submitting the CDs with the article manuscripts) or connected to the writing of the evaluation reports or international exchanges, in the event that the editor in chief is unavailable, cannot be contacted or in case he/she is not present at the editorial office, so as to undergo the submission of the current issues of the publication to the Publishing House.

In the case in which the Sub-editors in chief are unavailable as well, the duties connected to the run of UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal are delegated by the Editorial Director to a member of the Editorial Committee.


  • Editorial Staff

Is responsible with ensuring the technical side of the editorial activities, precisely, the record of correspondence with the authors and the administration of the Journal’s articles portfolio, as well as desktop-publishing and error-correction, in accordance with the requirements of UNATC Press Publishing House. The members of the editorial staff are nominated by the Editor in chief with the approval of the Editorial Director.


  • Evaluation of the activities of the administration of UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal

The activity of the Editor in chief, the Sub-editors in chief and of the Editorial Council is evaluated every four years.

The evaluation of the activity of all the members of the Editorial Council has as a main objective their involvement in specific activities of supervising the scientific quality of the published articles and ensuring the promotion of the publication in scientific circles, both national and international. The selection of members of the Editorial College considers, first of all, their scientific activities, constantly pursuing the co-opt of new specialists, with good national and international visibility.