The Rights and Duties of the Authors

The Rights and Duties of the Authors

 4.1 Author’s rights:

The authors of the written works submitted for publication have the right to contact the Editorial Staff and the members of the Editorial Council throughout the review process, in order to receive information concerning the stage in which the manuscript is at.

The authors of the articles have the right to request supplementary justifications from the Scientific Council, in the case of a “rejected” grade being given by the reviewer.

Throughout the review process, the author’s identity is kept confidential in relation to the designated reviewers in charge of evaluating the article.

The authors have the right to request justifications in the case that the terms mentioned in Chapter 3 are exceeded.


4.2 Author’s duties:

The authors have the duty of carrying out spelling and/or orthoepy correction of the written work;

The authors have the duty of presenting an adequate bibliography which reflects their research activity;

The authors have the duty of respecting Law no 206/2004 concerning the good conduct in scientific research.

The authors must state at their own recognizance that the written material is authentic and has not been published in any other Journals;

The authors must give their written agreement for the material to be published in UNATC Journal of Teaching Drama Journal.


Note: It is assumed that the author is aware of the clauses of the Copyright Law.