General Provisions

General Provisions

  • Purpose and object of activity

UNACT Journal of Drama Teaching Journal publishes original articles, with a theoretical-methodological and applied character, especially addressing an audience specialized in the drama and cinematography teaching field – teaching staff, researchers, psychologists, educators, practitioners, students, MA and PhD students. UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching is an international and interdisciplinary academic journal of artistic research, which comprises  theoretical and empirical studies in the field of theatre pedagogy, applied theatre in education and the use of new media and cinematography in education. The journal aims to put together papers created by various researchers both national and international. The purpose of this publication is to create an international network that facilitates the exchnge of ideas and good practices in the artistic and pedagogical field. The journal is edited by the Master Degree in Theatre Pedagogy of UNATC, with an international group of peer-reviewers.


  • Tutelage and coordination forum

UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal – founded in 2017 under the aegis of UNATC.

Starting with the year of its founding, the Editorial Staff of UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal functions as a distinct editorial structure within UNATC.


UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal is run by an editorial Council consisting of renowned specialists from Romania and abroad who supervise the scientific quality of the published articles and ensure the promotion of the publication within national and international scientific circles based on their given accord.


  • Edit and broadcast of the publication

UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal is published by UNATC Press Publishing House.

Starting with 2017, by the decision of UNATC Senate from 27.02.2017, UNATC Journal f Drama Teaching Journal appears in 2 distinct issues per year, edited by the Pedagogica and Didactic Training Center, with the aid of the Faculty of Theatre, Master’s Degree in Drama Teaching, the PhD School, the Faculty of Film.