Final and Transitional Provisions

Final and Transitional Provisions

5.1 UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal has a presentation page within the UNATC website, at , in Romanian and English. This page must contain at least the following pieces of information:

– Presentation of the publication (domain, purpose, topic etc.);

– Organizational structure and its componence;

– Instructions concerning writing the articles;

– Method of reviewing;

– A table of content for each issue and the abstracts of the articles published in past issues.


5.2 UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching Journal will have the UNATC logo.


5.3 Each number of the Journal contains the following reference information:

  1. a) name of the publication;
  2. b) the founder;
  3. c) the name of the editor in chief and of the members of the editorial staff;
  4. d) serial number and printing date;
  5. e) headquarters of the editorial staff and of the printing house;
  6. f) index
  7. g) number of printed copies
  8. h) number and date of registration;
  9. i) price (if that is the case).


5.4 The editor in chief has the duty of preserving the archive of the Journal/publication, made up of the date of establishment, numbers of issues of the Journal/publication, correspondence with the members of the editorial staff, reviewers and authors. The documents may be preserved in any format. The correspondence with the reviewers and authors is kept for a period of 10 (ten) years from the publication of the article in the Journal.


5.5 The current regulations come into effect at the date of their approval through decision by the UNATC Senate.